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High intensity, individual fitness stacking game that’s fun and easy to play



  • One set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • One Yarn or Gator Skin Ball for every two-three stackers


Divide the class into two teams, each team on one half of the activity area. Each stacker upstacks a 10-Stack with the remaining two cups stacked end to end on top randomly in the activity area.

How To Play

The goal is for stackers to protect their stack while trying to knock the opposing team’s down. On the ‘go’ signal, stackers guard their stacks as they roll their balls to the opposite side in an attempt to knock over their opponent’s stacks. If a stack gets knocked over in part, or completely, the stacker must gather all of their cups, switch sides of the activity area and rebuild their stack of cups. The goal is for stackers to protect their pyramid while trying to knock the opposing team’s down. The side with the most stackers when the stop signal is given wins.


  • Stackers must stay on their side of the activity area while bowling and can only cross over the line if their cups get knocked over and they are switching sides.
  • The ball must be bowled underhand - no throwing or bouncing.
  • Bowlers may not intentionally knock over a stacker’s cups until it is finished being built.


  • Form two 6-Stacks, or a 3-Stack.
  • Have stackers use their non-dominant hand for bowling.
  • If a stacker’s stack gets knocked over, send them to a fitness zone area to complete an activity before re-entering the game and switching sides.


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