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"What a great addition to our school’s programing. It is an inclusive activity that allows all students a chance at success. The students know that they are building these skills to help them at local competitions and increases their ability to focus during school work!" John Coghlan - Sir Richard W. Scott Markham, ON.

Thank You

Whether you're introducing Sport Stacking for the first time or already have a successful Speed Stacks program, I'd like to say thanks for bringing this wonderful new sport to your students. If you're new to Sport Stacking, take a moment to read some of the quotes on this page from teachers across the country who have already adopted Sport Stacking into their curriculums – it's great to hear about all the successful programs – over 44,835 now around the world!

Bob Fox
Speed Stacks, Inc.


"Sport Stacking is a fantastic activity, and the events which I have attended as both a parent and an administrator have been nothing short of outstanding. Every event has promoted fair play, co-operation, encouragement, and excitement enveloped in a music-filled, infectious atmosphere. The stackers leave with a sense of accomplishment." Giancarlo Schirripa - Principal All Saints C.S. Unionville, ON.

Après être allé aux Jeux Olympiques Junior aux États-Unis avec sa famille et moi, j’ai remarqué qu’un de mes élèves avait pris beaucoup d’assurance. À son retour à l’école, il était fier de lui et marchait la tête haute. D’enfant timide et introverti, il est devenu sûr de lui et confiant. J’ai été surprise de voir à quel point l’empilage sportif peut avoir une grande influence sur l’estime de soi des enfants!
Marie-Andrée Parent - Éducation physique et à la santé École De Bourgogne (Chambly)


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