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Sport Stacking can be a great and exciting addition to your youth, sports, church or recreational camp program. Many camps across the country use sport stacking with their campers as a unique and fun activity. All campers can participate regardless of their age or ability. The Speed Stacks Camp Rental Program is a perfect solution for camp program directors that do not have the funds to purchase their own Sport Stacking equipment, but want to include stacking activities for their campers.

Here is how our Camp Rental Program works:

  • Rent a complete Camp Sport Stacking Kit
  • The Camp Sport Stacking Kit can be scheduled to arrive for pre-camp staff training. You will be able to use the Kit for the duration of your summer camp
  • A Camp Sport Stacking Kit includes: A 40-Set Sport Pack Deluxe ($500 worth of Sport Stacking equipment for a rental fee of $100 plus shipping)
    • 40 individual sets of 12 cups
    • 2 StackMats (timer and mat)
    • 1 sets of mini Speed Stacks
    • 1 Instructor Training DVD
    • 1 Instructor Guide


The spiritual applications for sport stacking are designed to be used during the basic teaching of the sport. The applications may also be reinforced during practice of the learned patterns and sequences. The ideas shared here are basic and allow for your own creative spiritual applications when using Speed Stacks as the object and God's Inspired Word as the applied truth. Speed Stacks used as a practical tool may enhance and reinforce understanding, leading one to strive to live the abundant life in Christ on a daily basis.

Firm Foundations

Just like God created all things in a specific order, the fundamentals of sport stacking are based on a specific order, pattern and direction. Sport stacking requires a "Firm Foundation" upon which to build a stack. Stacked firmly, cups become solid, like a rock, so they will stand and stay up. Just as we attempt to stack our Speed Stacks, we are to build our lives on a firm foundation so we can stand, be firm, and face tough times that may come in our life from time to time. Stacking teaches perseverance and never giving up.


Life is a series of ups and downs, but with God on our side, things always look up. When it comes to sport stacking, you'll discover that just like life, it's all about ups and downs. When learning to sport stack correctly you have to master "up stacking" and "down stacking" with the three basic patterns and sequences, a 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and a Cycle. Are you striving to keep your life on the up and up, to do what God wants you to do each day? Are you kind, compassionate, caring, upbeat? When up stacking Speed Stacks and making pyramids, the very top cups are pointing upward to God in Heaven. God wants us to look up to Him and personally experience His Holy presence in our lives. The wise man builds his life upon the rock of Jesus Christ. The wise stacker builds his pyramid firmly together so they will stand and not fall down.


When we sin or "fumble" (make a mistake against God's laws) in life, it is NOT something we should ignore or simply forget about. Can we ignore a fumble in sport stacking and just continue stacking? No, we MUST properly fix the fumble and complete the stacking sequence.


Sport stacking with Speed Stacks now gives you opportunity to go and share a skill you have with others everywhere. God wants us to share His love and goodness with others. Instead of showing off or blowing someone's socks off by beating them at stacking, you can share your Speed Stacks, teach them how to stack correctly, encourage them to get better at stacking and show them God's love by your actions. email us today at to learn how your church can become part the action!


"Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks is amazing...and students here are raving about it! Sport Stacking has been a hit for both the students and for me. Students that normally don't show much enthusiasm for P.E. are now standing out as leaders in Sport Stacking activities."
Johnny Correa PE teacher Corona, NY

"We have expanded our after-school program and the amazing part of Sport Stacking is that everyone can participate! Prior to this, only the most athletic students joined after-school sports, and many of our students were frustrated with "regular" athletics. Sport Stacking is an activity that involves everyone."
Susan Connolly PE Teacher Allentown, PA