Warm up your stackers’ hands and minds while stacking around the table




  • One set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • One table for every four stackers


Place tables so stackers can easily move around the table’s perimeter. Place stackers four to a table with their cups downstacked in front of them and their hands resting on the table surface.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, stackers upstack and downstack the determined pattern. Once all the stackers at a table complete the pattern, they move around the table to their right (counter clockwise) and begin stacking the next set of Speed Stacks. Stackers continue to stack and change positions around the table until you give the ‘stop’ signal.


  • Make sure the proper stacking technique and patterns are followed.
  • All fumbled cups must be fixed properly.
  • Stackers may not pass each other.


  • On the verbal ‘switch’ cue, stackers change their rotation and begin moving in a clockwise direction.
  • Line a number of tables end to end and expand the ‘Around the Table’ stacking to accommodate a large group.
  • Time the group using a StackMat after one complete rotation. One stacker starts and stops the StackMat after the single rotation.


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