• Practice sport stacking skills
  • Work with teammates to complete challenges
  • Exhibit responsible personal and social behavior
  • Recognize challenge in physical activities can lead to success


  • One set of Speed Stacks per student
  • One StackMat and Timer per team
  • Skillastics

Instant Cardio Activity (5-10 Minutes)

Lesson activities are meant to offer movement and reinforce sport stacking techniques. Depending on available time, these can be repeated or combined. Use the suggested activities below or choose from the complete Cardio Activity list

Continuous Table Relays

Running, stacking, and team cooperation is the name of this activity.

Skillastics Round 2 (30 Minutes)

Continue using Speed Stacks Skillastics at a more advanced level. Please see the Speed Stacks Skillastics Instruction Manual for set up and rules and complete the red or green level of repetitions.

Cool Down (10 Minutes)


Doubles stacking is typically a Cycle stack. Two partners work together to complete the Cycle with each partner using their outside hand. It is completed the same way one person would complete the Cycle, but with two people using two different hands. Have students watch the Speed Stacks Doubles video and then try it with a member of their team. Choose one person to be the right hand and the other person to be the left hand and then practice the cycle. Use the timer when you are ready. Partners can also switch sides so they can experience using both hands as part of a doubles team.


  • Use the floor if tables are not available
  • Practice doubles using the 3-3-3 or 3-6-3

SHAPE America Standards

S1.E1.5bCombines locomotor and manipulative skills in a variety of small-sided practice tasks/game environments.
S3.E2.3-5Actively engages in all the activities of physical education.
S3.E4.3-5Recognizes, demonstrates and identifies the need for warm up and cool down to various physical activities.
S4.E3.3-5Accepts and respectfully gives feedback to peers.
S5.E2.3Discusses the challenge that comes from learning a new physical activity.
S1.M25.6-8Demonstrates correct technique for a variety of skills in one self-selected individual performance activity.
S3.M6.6-8Participates in moderate to vigorous physical activity
S4.M1.6-8Exhibits responsible social behavior.
S5.M3.6Recognizes individual challenges and copes in a positive way.

Assessment of SHAPE America Standards

When you print, this will be a full sheet that you can use to assess your student's progress.
We also offer a spreadsheet version if you prefer to copy and past your student's names.

SHAPE Standard

Student Name
Susie Stacker


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