• Culminating event for the sport stacking unit.
  • Review all concepts.
  • Final assessments

Instant Cardio Activity (5-10 Minutes)

Lesson activities are meant to offer movement and reinforce sport stacking techniques. Depending on available time, these can be repeated or combined. Use the suggested activities below or choose from the complete Cardio Activity list

Stackers & Blasters

Fun movement activity thatfocuses on exercise andfundamental stacking skills.

StackFest Stations (30 Minutes)

Set up the following stations so students can celebrate their sport stacking unit.

Speeding Tickets: Set up a timing station. Stackers get 3 tries of any stack. Record their best time on a speeding ticket.

Team Building: Teams work together to build giant structures using all colors of cups. Give color coded challenges. Examples include: horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, floor pictures, etc.

Freestyle Stacking: Create new timed stacks and challenge friends to complete them. Some suggestions: 3-3-3-3, one handed 3-6-3, rapid fires,
Mini stacking

Hound'n Rabbit

Activate your stackers’ hands andminds with this fun activity.

Jumbo Cup Relay

Get the whole body moving with oversized fun!

Speeding Tickets

Fun activity to record your best time.

SHAPE America Standards

Standard Description
S3.E3.K Recognizes that when you move fast, your heart beats faster and you breathe faster.
S3.E3.2 Identified physical activities that contribute to fitness.
S4.E4.K Shares equipment and space with others.
S4.E6.2 Works safely and independently with equipment.
S5.E2.K-2 Acknowledges that some activities are challenging, challenge leads to success and can compare activities that bring confidence and challenge.

Assessment of SHAPE America Standards

When you print, this will be a full sheet that you can use to assess your student's progress.
We also offer a spreadsheet version if you prefer to copy and past your student's names.

SHAPE Standard

Student Name
Susie Stacker


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