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Product Details

  • 12 Speed Stacks® cups
  • Quick Release Stem
  • G5 Mat
  • G5 Timer
    • NEW 4-Pad or 2-Pad mode
    • Accuracy to 0.001 seconds
    • Data port to connect to external display
    • Includes 2 AAA batteries
  • Gear Bag
  • Online Instructional Video

Product Description

Speed Stacks, in partnership with the World Sport Stacking Association is excited to announce a big step in the evolution of sport stacking. If you would like more detail about how this will impact tournaments and records please check out The WSSA announcement at

The Speed Stacks Competitor provides what you need to get started in Sport Stacking! Our most popular package, the Competitor includes your choice of any cup color and a G5 Timer and G5 Mat.

Speed Stacks® are specially designed high-tech Sport Stacking cups endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) for competition. Speed Stacks are the only products approved for use in WSSA sanctioned events and each cup carries the official WSSA seal of approval.

The G5 timer has two modes: 4-Pad mode (for stacking) and 2-Pad mode (for speed cubing, where it operates just like a G4 timer). To switch between the two modes just hold the RESET button for 5 seconds. To ensure 2-Pad mode doesn't get used at stacking tournaments, in 2-Pad mode the display and the TD blink the final time three times so the operating mode is obvious to judges and spectators. The LCD display and the LED color also indicate the timer mode. Two pad mode can also be used by stackers with motor control issues that prevent them from using a four-pad timer. G5 timers are compatible with our Pro Tournament Displays.

Note: G5 timer and G5 mat are not compatible with G4 equipment.


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Speed Stacks G5 Competitor5

9yr Old Loves This January 26th, 2022

9 year old wanted this for Christmas. She practices all the time. It is loud. But I prefer this to video games. Lots of YouTube videos on how to cup stack and different stacking routines. I know more about this “sport” than I ever imagined. You will never look at plastic cups the same way again.
-- A H

Speed Stacks G5 Competitor5

Faster Than Ever, New PB!!! November 5th, 2021

The new timer is so accurate, I beaten my PB!!!
100% recommend for people starting cup stacking.

-- Emmett B

Speed Stacks G5 Competitor5

Very Good! October 21st, 2021

-- Vee P

Speed Stacks G5 Competitor5

Competitive And Fun! October 7th, 2021

My son loves these and it something that he can do by himself or with his siblings. He can practice beating his time, and it is something fun to do that does not involve a video game! I first discovered cup stacking at the school I work at, and I knew it would be a hit with my competitive child.
-- Ashlee B

Speed Stacks G5 Competitor5

Love February 28th, 2021

These were a gift for an 11 year old and months later he is still loving them. Everything works as it should and the mat doubles as a timer for rubiks cubes.
-- Craig S

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