Activities (17)

Activities can accompany Lessons or be standalone and are a great way to re-enforce sport stacking basics in a fun / active way.

4-Person Competition Relay

A competitive activity withrunning, stacking, and teamcooperation

  • K+
  • page 32

Around the Table

Warm up your stackers’ hands and minds while stacking around the table

  • K+
  • page 28

Continuous Table Relays

Running, stacking, and team cooperation is the name of this activity

  • K+
  • page 31

End / Straight Line Floor Relays

High energy collaborative teamstacking race that’s focused onmovement and team cooperation

  • K+
  • page 25

Fetch 12

Simple activity to warm up stackers and review stacking patterns

  • K+
  • page 19

Hound'n Rabbit

Activate your stackers’ hands andminds with this fun activity

  • K+
  • page 29

Indy 500

Race around the track for partner fitness fun

  • K+
  • page 30

March Madness Final 4

Strategy and fitness activity thatadds a competitive element to stacking

  • 1+
  • page 24

Partner Fitness Challenge

Fitness activity that gets bodiesmoving and brains working

  • K+
  • page 34

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Classic fun mixed with fitness and sport stacking in this simple game

  • K+
  • page 22

Simple Stack Tag

High energy game of tag combining sport stacking and movement skills

  • K+
  • page 20

Stack Bowling

High intensity, individual fitness stacking game that’s fun and easy to play

  • 1+
  • page 33

Stackers & Blasters

Fun movement activity thatfocuses on exercise andfundamental stacking skills

  • K+
  • page 23

Strength and Flexibility Stacking

Individual flexibility and strength / endurance sport stacking activity

  • K+
  • page 35


Don’t get caught in this movement and skill-based movement activity

  • K+
  • page 27


Team based activity thatincorporates running and stackingguaranteed to get the heart racing

  • K+
  • page 26

Triple Up Triple Down Relay

Team-based activity designed for movement and motor skill activation

  • K+
  • page 21